Monday, March 9, 2020

Discover The Best You

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday at 2pm Eastern on iHeartMedia : WDRB media to hear Doc Bowman on her radio show, “Discover The Best You” 💛💙 

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Dr. Bowman's mission: 
What are your dreams, motivations and goals. Manifestation is a “theory” or an “abstract idea” until you make it a reality. To make something into a reality, takes action. Dr. Bowman’s ambition, is to help motivate and stimulate those action steps, for those who are willing to make those changes, in order to help bring out and “Discover The Best You”. Make sure to tune in every Thursday at 2pm Eastern, on iHeart Radio : WDRB Media.

Since there is an increased demand for health and wellness, Doctor Bowman has made herself available for speaking engagements. If you are interested in having Dr. Bowman speak at an event, please contact her at:

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